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‘We take care, because we take pride. We believe in a better way of doing things, so we can leave a lasting legacy.’



The Architects

Roger Wood and Randal Marsh have been in private practice since 1983, and their early philosophical and aesthetic ideals have been sustained to inform their architecture throughout the ensuing decades. Contextual issues of locality and region underpin their diverse body of work, which spans residential, commercial and urban architecture. Unmoved by flow of design trends, Roger Wood and Randal Marsh cite the arts, generally, rather than architecture specifically, as being of a greater influence on their practice. Sydney Street exemplifies their commitment to creating places of permanence – a collection of homes designed to set a new architectural benchmark, whilst remaining enduring and timeless.

Randal Marsh & Roger Wood
Initial Concepts


With profound consideration of the initial vision, the evolution of Sydney Street unfolded organically. Wood Marsh Architecture looked to the project’s lush parkland surrounds for reference as the building’s form was deftly put to paper; the facade evocative of the curves and contours depicted in its natural milieu. Through sensitivity and precision, Sydney Street developed into an architectural extension of its site, and a piece of pure sculpture that is both unique to and sympathetic of its context. Acknowledging a desire for liveability and functionality, here, generous floor plans were thoughtfully carved out, with every apartment a distinct entity, able to stand alone as a personalised home.

‘Balancing light and solidity, Sydney Street offers a truly individual experience for its residents, while occupying the site with both bold confidence and elegant simplicity.’


Principal—Wood Marsh
Scott Leung

The Landscaper

A multi-award winning practice with a varied portfolio of works, Eckersley Garden Architecture is regarded as one of Australia’s leading landscape design firms. Director and principal designer Scott Leung is at the helm of Sydney Street’s inspired and meticulous landscaping, working in close collaboration with Wood Marsh Architecture. His design provides a direct and cohesive connection to the project’s natural surrounds, and creates an enchanting, almost ethereal aura, working to soften the building’s edges and blend with its leafy green backdrop. Artfully planted, tendrils ornament every angle of the façade; tingeing the neutral palette with a rich, green hue. Strategically placed trees are embedded into the architecture, lending a sense of privacy to the homes.